Kadek Adi Aksama – 13 yrds old

Sept 23rd, 2009

Sept 23rd, 2009

Kadek is from Bali and is now in the 7th grade. He is from a Hindu family. His family’s economic situation made it impossible to care for him. His birthday is Jun 15th, 1996. Kadek’s favorite hobby is reading which should help him on his way to his goal of becoming a doctor.


2 responses to “Kadek Adi Aksama – 13 yrds old

  1. Hi Karyn! June 15th is a good day. (it is also my birthday) =)
    I know that the children and Sisters would love to meet you. Please write again a week or two before you go if you would like to set up a time to visit. The “contact” page http://thebaliorphanage.com/contact/ will get you the email and phone. The “Map to the Orphange” page will show you how to find them.
    Thanks for writing!

  2. Kedek has the same birthday as myself, i will be back in bali in march, would love to visit the orphanage.

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