Sister Esther

Sister Esther in November of 2009

Sister Esther is the glue that holds everything together at the orphanage. Quiet but full of strength, she is know for her dedication to each of the children. Sometimes people worry that she does not get the rest she needs. She tells them that “God is her strength” and “she is given renewed strength at the beginning of each day He gives her.”
Sister Esther is now 66yrs young and has been a Franciscan Nun for 40 years. She has been volunteering her service for the last 9 years at the orphanage in Tuka. She is originally from Jogja- Java in central Java. (the island just west of Bali.


One response to “Sister Esther

  1. Julie Bembridge

    Hi Sister Esther
    We met when my mother/daughter/friend came to visit your orphanage and we dropped off clothing/bedding etc. I would like to say what a wonderful job you do and thank you so much for making us feel welcome in your home. We look forward to visiting next time we are in Bali.
    Best wishes

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