Dewa’s Motor Bike Accident

It has been a week now since Dewa’s accident. (Dewa is a full time volunteer at the orphanage in Tuka and is also starting to help out at the Maria Goretti orphanage in West Bali.) He was on his normal route to the orphanage from his home in the Ubud area and has nearly made it when another mortor bike pulled out in front of him. He was going 90km per hour and did not have a chance to apply the breaks. He tried to avoid and barely clipped the front of the lady’s motor bike and then lost control. Dewa went tumbling in his lane and his scooter slid into the other lane and was hit by an oncoming truck. It looks like he will not be able to safely use his scooter again even if it gets extensive repairs.

Dewa said he feels lucky that his scooter was hit by the truck and not him. He had xrays and scans done and the doctors found no broken bones. He has a hard time moving his neck but this is not a concern to his doctor at this time. He is back at home now and is just getting rest as he has cuts, bruises and abrasions over most of his body.

If you would like to help out Dewa with his medical bills and the replacement of his scooter, just make a donation using the paypal button in the right hand column of any page on this website. There is a place to leave a note where you can designate how you would like it to be used. Thank you very much to the 2 people who have already donated a total of $180 us – Chad and Jo of Austraila. Dewa was very touched when he found out who gave.

Sister Corry and Sister Ubertine are visiting Dewa at his house and have brought meals to his family. Dewa’s wife Made and daughter Bintang are taking good care of him and look forward to seeing him better.

Thank you to all who have sent thoughts and prayers, we will continue to put updates here and pass on comments you leave to Dewa.


5 responses to “Dewa’s Motor Bike Accident

  1. Hi Dewa,
    I’ve just returned home to Australia after my visit to the orphanage. I’m sorry to have missed you and wish you a quick recovery. I did manage to catch Christene (above) as she was starting her english lessons with the children. We had a great time meeting the children. Sr Esther has a photo of me on the back cover of the school magazine-ask her about it. Best wishes with your recovery.

    • Hello Ptricia,
      yes, Christene is teaching English in the orphanage and the children love her very much. I hope we can meet in the orphanage in the future.
      I will ask Sister Easter about your photo.

      Thank you and Kind regards,

  2. Dewa phoned me tonight (28 July), as I have been volunteer english teaching at the orphanage, he is on the mend, but slowly. Hopefully he will be able to come back to the orphanage next week. I’m sure we’re all hoping he makes a speedy recovery, as the work he does is so important.

  3. We’re so sorry to hear about Dewa’s accident, we hope he recovers quickly!!! We met in April when my family and I came to the Orphanage, what a lovely man! Get well soon xxx

    • Hi Jayne,
      Thanks for your wrote and your prayer. I`m so much better and i can work now. hope we can meet in the orphanage again.

      Kind regards,

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