Updating the electrical system.

Sept 23rd, 2010

Letter from Dewa….

“The orphanage will replace the electrical installations in all of the rooms. The installation now is very dangerous for the children and the sisters in the orphanage because it has been more than 50 years. We have talked with the installation contractor and they said that the cost is very expensive. The cost are Rp 71.851.000 (USD 7,983.50). We got a list from the installation contractor and please put it on the website. I hope we can get donation from the generous person. The installation will begin next week.”

Matur suksma,

Photos below are of the invoice from the general contractor in charge of the project. Any financial help you can give would be much appreciated. If you will be in Bali soon – you can simply give your donation directly to the Sisters. You can also donate online through the “Paypal” button on the right hand side of any page of this website. Paypal charges a low 2.5% fee for the transaction, the entire rest of your donation directly benefits the orphanage.

Thanks so much!

special thanks to some of our current business sponsors – you can visit their websites at www.buildingcaliforniahomes.com , www.halsellbuilders.com , www.magnoloiacare.net and www.centralcoastseniorliving.com


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