Scarlett Fever

Gede Agus Eka Saputra, 12 Years old

Scarlet fever has affected about a dozen of the children in the orphanage this past week. For the most part everyone is being treated as out patients, but Gede Agus age 12(in the photo) and Dewa have had to be treated at the local hospital. They are both recovering, but can use your prayers. For our recent visitors, pl…ease check this link to see if you are experiencing any symptoms and see the recommended treatment. Dewa has a laptop at the hospital w him and is already sending out notes when he can.


4 responses to “Scarlett Fever

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  2. Hi Kristie,
    I am waiting to hear back from Dewa to confirm that everyone is well and no one is still in anyway contagious. ( I have a 6, 5 and 2 year old myself and understand your concern) I’ll let you know as soon as I hear direct from Dewa. Thanks Kristie,


  3. Hi we were planning on visiting his week but are concerned for our children 4 and 6 about the scarlet fever. Please advise if it is safe to visit. Kind regards Kristie

    • Dear Kristie,
      Hello, The orphanage is very safe to visit. One of the children was getting scarlet fever but he already recovered since 2 weeks ago. The orphanage is safe for the visitors. Just contact me before you go to the orphanage. here is my mobile phone number:081 797 543 97.

      Thank you,
      Kind regards,

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