Digital Camera for Dewa


July 11, 2011  2 cameras have now been donated to the orphanage! Thank you all so much for your generous offers – you are truly wonderful!

The humidity in Bali is not very friendly to electronics, so Dewa’s camera has been spending more time in the shop than actually being used it seems. This is why you have not been seeing as many new photos here and on the facebook page. Most of the photos you have seen have been taken using a borrowed camera. If you are coming to Bali soon, or know someone that is, a new digital camera would make a world of difference. They are not cheap, so maybe it could be something that a group of people could go in on? Thank you for considering it.
Want to help The Bali Orphanage AND receive something in return? Visit and have a peek at their feather earrings, bracelets, and many other types of jewelry!


One response to “Digital Camera for Dewa

  1. Hello, I would love to visit you all with my 2 daughters on Saturday on Sat 16th July. We have been to Bali many times from Melbourne and would love to come see you all. I would be happy to donate a digital camera to the Orphanage. Please reply I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards

    Dianne, Abbie and Jasmin

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