How Cool Is This: Someone’s First Encounter With The Bali Orphanage

A First Visit to The Bali Orphanage

Earlier this week I was surfing next to the pier in Pismo Beach California. During a lull in the waves I heard someone mention going to “Indo’ in a few days.” I had never met this surfer before, so it felt a bit strange to paddle over to him and ask

Pismo Beach Pier

Pismo Beach Pier at Sunset - photo by charlie H.


“I know this might seem weird because I just met you, but would you mind taking some clothes and other donations to an orphanage there in Bali?”

“Will you  be stopping in Bali?” Plus my intentions were somewhat selfish. (I have not been able to visit the children and Sisters since December now – so we have boxes and boxes of donations that have piled up here in our office thatwould normally go with us ever few months) “yeah! ,” he said. “I’ll be there for 3 weeks actually.” Jackpot! I thought. “I know this might seem weird because I just met you, but would you mind taking some clothes and other donations to an orphanage there in Bali?”

“Oh yeah, no problem!” he answered without hesitation.

A few minutes later we exchanged names and then a outside set came so right before the wave broke in front of us I hollered “Just remember ‘” “get ahold of me through the website!” and then wondered if we would ever connect after that.

Well we did! I got an email from him mentioning he was taking the train to the airport the next day at 2pm and that he could pick up the donations before then. I saw this email on my phone as my wife and I and our 4 kids walked out to see the sunset from the end of the pier. I called him right away and half an hour after every sign of the sunset was gone, we were at “Willie’s” house – just a mile or 2 from our own. Up to this point we had only seen each-other so we were still technically “strangers” – but we exchanged hand shakes, well wishes and a few Indo tips. (Willie’s surfed all over South America, but this was his first Indo trip)

To make a long story longer….

I just got an email from both Dewa and Willie. (swell is pumping right now by the way) They will meet each other later today! So cool to see how this whole thing unfolded and I’m encouraged by Willie’s “why not!” attitude. He is a good guy.

Hopefully I will be able to share a bit more of his trip and visit to meet the children – but in case I don’t – here’s a link to the comment thread as it unfolded on facebook this week.

As exciting as this was for me to experience, I know that there are so many stories of people’s first found out about and made their 1st visit to the children, Sisters and staff in Tuka. Please encourage others and share YOUR story of how you first came to know about this special place. Just use the “Leave a Reply” box below.


4 responses to “How Cool Is This: Someone’s First Encounter With The Bali Orphanage

  1. Eva, Perth WA

    I went to visit the orphanage for the first time just after New Year this year. I had found the details on the net and made contact with Dewa before hand so was really looking forward to the visit and was not disappointed. Myself and my friend hired a driver to take us there from our hotel and I think he enjoyed the visit just as much as we did. Sr Clemensia showed us wonderful hospitality and the children were so adorable. They welcomed us individually and then sang for us. They were so appreciative of our little gifts and sweets. We are returning to Bali again in a couple of weeks and are looking forward to another visit to Tuka. In fact I have just been toy shopping tonight.

    • So glad to hear that your visit went so well. I can appreciate that even your driver had a good experience. I’ve seen guides and taxi drivers alike taken back at their time there. (usually a child or someone on staff will go up to meet the person that’s just waiting in the car) If you have any photos of your visit that you could share with everyone, feel free to do so on the orphanages facebook page

  2. I had the wonderful experience of visiting The Bali Orphanage last Thursday with my 2 daughters 15 and 17. What an amazing morning we had. The children happy and smiling and meeting the wonderful Dewa and the Sisters. So happy to go back in Dec again. 🙂

    • What a great thing for you to do together with your daughters! Good for you Dianne! The Sisters and staff continue to amaze me with their selfless giving of themselves. (Dewa is a great guy isn’t he?) Give us a head’s up just before you come in December and maybe we can time you visit with some of their Christmas activiites. Thanks for sharing

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