Leaving For Bali Tomorrow… Last Minute Lessons From My Son

2 dollar bills

The 2 dollar bills that 7yr old Charles gave to me to give to "The Bali Kids."

Less than 14 hours before I leave for the airport. I am sitting in a Starbucks as I write to you, wrapping up last minute emails and details for tomorrow’s 3am departure.
What caused me to write this is the 2 dollar bills that you see in the photo above. My 7 year old son asked me to give them to “The Bali kids.” “I’ts all I have in my ‘Give’ envelope right now, but maybe you can take them out to lunch or just ask them what they want.” said Charles as he smoothed them out for me. (My wife and I went through Dave Ramsey’s ‘Financial Peace University’ and Charles is doing the ‘Save/ Spend/Give’ kid’s version.) I’m not sure if it was feeling his support of what I am doing or seeing such a young person thinking of others with less than him, but I didn’t have a chance to thank him as he ran off to his room and THEN handed me his favorite “Transformer” toy to give away as well. This was not a toy from the back of the closet, this is the one he plays with the most. (here I go again – the people around me in this Starbucks have got to be thinking I have a severe case of allergies – I can’t help but miss my wife and kids already.)

Charles teaches me a lot about giving. I have been way too busy lately, much of it necessary, but I had lost touch with the core of the trip I’m about to take. My son reminded me to simply give what you got. He didn’t worry about the details of it or how far it will go, he just felt something inside him and went with it. Thank you Charles – you’re timing is perfect.

I will be posting here as often as I have an internet connection in Indonesia. Hopefully at least a few times during the 2 weeks I am there. Thank you so much for the support everyone is showing as we take on the needs of these 2 other orphanages. My phone sends me an alert every time someone  supplies another week of food with a purchase from the Give Jewelry Website. As simple as it seems, those alerts are a great boost and reminder to me that although I only have one plane ticket, I won’t be traveling alone.


4 responses to “Leaving For Bali Tomorrow… Last Minute Lessons From My Son

  1. So great to hear about your family’s experience – and the way that it’s spreading at their school as well! Good for you for sharing these types of things with your children. It sounds like you have set them on a wonderful path Tracy. Thank you for your continued support of the children in Tuka.

  2. Thats amazing…………..how very proud you must be 🙂

    • Oh I was proud and very humbled too. I love his innocence. Thanks so much for writing Dianne. (I’m in Los Angeles right now waiting for a renewed passport and then my flight to Bali later this afternoon.)

  3. youre story touched my heart. i recently took my 2 children aged 9 & 11 to Bali and did the orphanage with them. I was so proud of how they embraced the experience and participated with the kids. Since being home they have gone through there rooms and want to part with many things that were at one point important to them. The 3 of us are going back in 6 weeks to volunteer our time to the orphanage and present the children with bags of gifts alot of it being brand new. I hear them talking to there friends about it, school teachers have commented on them doing talks in class and getting the school involved. its openned up alot to us and our community. Well done in what you are doing, have a wonderful safe trip , tracy

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