Quick Update

It has now been one month since I returned from the orphanages on Sumba, Timor and Bali. I have been busy showing the video documentary of the trip to help raise awareness of the needs. It has been encouraging to see even young kids helping to send packages of dried food to the orphanages on Sumba and Timor. My sincere apologies for not getting to the many questions and comments on the website and facebook page. As of this morning, I have exactly one thousand – one hundred and thirty two emails that I still have not gone through. Many of them are people that would like to make visits soon to the children in Bali or are wondering how they can help, so I feel horrible to only now be starting to get back to people. Please be patient as I expect it to take about 2 weeks to fit in all of the corresponding I need to do.

Many people have been wondering if they can help “Regina,” the 9 year old girl in the video. We are currently getting together the exact costs of the surgery she needs and should know within the next week. She is in no immediate danger, but the sooner she gets the surgery the better simply for her comfort and quality of life.

We will be using all of the funding from selling bracelets online to fund her surgery as well as the basic needs of the orphanages on Sumba and Timor. The orphanages on Bali in Tuka and Negara are doing very well financially thanks to the many visitors they have, so this allows to focus our attention on the needs of these other two places. Please have a look at the 42 minute documentary to get a better perspective on how drastic their needs are. We left them with just over one month’s funding of their basic needs and food, but would like to wire them more as soon as possible. You can help in this by getting word out of the bracelet website www.give-jewelry.com

It’s off to answering emails for me now…

Thank you so much to each of you for how you have helped these kids. You have done a very honorable thing by reaching out to the less fortunate.

Your kindness will never be forgotten,

Charlie Halsell


One response to “Quick Update

  1. Hi, Thank you for your video..Made me cry and laugh Kelly

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