Fans have been joining us daily on our new facebook page and the children are loving it! Created for the kids by the founder of Give-Jewelry, the page won Vh1’s 2010 “Do Something! Award” for the facebook category! The kids enjoy reading your comments.  (They think it is exciting that people from so far away want to know more about them.) Click on the link below to the left to go to the Bali Orphanages facebook fan page and become a fan today! Thanks!

CONTACT The Bali Orphanage directly at baliorphanagetuka@yahoo.co.id or you can call them at:
+62 361 7473827

This website was created for and donated to The Bali Orphanage by “Give Jewelry” – an online bracelet store that supports orphanages throughout Indonesia. www.givebracelets.com



18 responses to “Facebook

  1. Hi to all the beautiful children , nuns, and carers at orphanage. Me and my hubby visited you last Friday when the earthquake happened (scary) and we just wanted to say thankyou for having us and showing us around. The children seem very happy and the nuns and carers are doing a fantastic job. Next time we come to Bali we will come and visit again and bring more food and will be telling anyone who comes to that we know to do the same. It was also great to see all the other aussie families there aswell.
    Thanks so much
    Erika and Bert Mansell
    Oct 2011

  2. Hi to the person who answers this message
    my name is Evelyn I will be visiting Bali with two friends. I arrive 24th Dec and depart 4th Jan 2012. Are all the children with family or friends Christmas day? or are some in the orphanage? I would like to visit the children a couple of times during my stay and bring some items that the children need.

    • Evelyn,
      I am not sure what the children will be doing on Christmas day. Sometimes local hotels or businesses sponsor a party for them and they could be away for the day. Please keep in touch and contact us again about 2 weeks before and then we’ll have a better idea of what will be happening. So glad you wrote and you are very generous to offer your time to visit. The children and Sisters will enjoy meeting you.

      • Hi Charlie,

        Brad Fraser here, i was wondering if you have got my message regarding volunteering in Nov this year..If not please read below
        My name is Brad Fraser and I am trying to get into contact with someone regarding a visit to Maria Goretti Orphanage in Melaya.
        I have gone onto the facebook page but no one seems to be replying. We aim to come up on the weekend of the 26th and 27th Nov this year with about 20 – 30 friends and family. We have created a theme that everyone must bring a box of things that the orphanage is mostly in need of. We are hoping to spend Sat and Sunday with the kids, teaching English, playing games and helping out where we can. There is a few people that can can speak Indonesia so it will help out. I wanted to get a confirmation that it was ok to visit at this time and what we could help with ?
        We will stay close by to the orphanage and are really looking forward to it

        If you could assist that would be muchly appreciated

        Best Regards

        • Brad, (sent also to your email)
          First of all, please accept my sincere apologies for taking so long to get to you. I am in Bali now and have been in meetings with the Sisters all week. I am coping Dewa on this email as he will be able to help you in arranging your trip. His email address is dewa@give-jewelry.com (Dewa – please read Brad’s original email below)
          Thanks so much for getting involved and visiting the children,

  3. My daughter and I will be moving to Bali in a few weeks where I will be teaching for the next year in an international school. I am vey interested in learning more about your program and helping in any way I am able. Do I need to schedule a visit, or can we just stop in? How close to you to Jimbaran?

  4. Donna Peachman

    Hi to the Bali orphanage,
    My name is Donna and myself my mother and a few other friends will be in Bali in august for 2 weeks and we would love to visit. We come to Bali every year and would love to help out with a donation of clothes and books and things for school. We have a driver so would be able to come and spend the day if that’s ok. Looking forward to hearing from you kind regards
    Donna Peachman

  5. Dear Dewar,
    Hello I hope you and all the amazing children are well. Myself and my two daughters Leah and Karli visited you in early august. We have many amazing photos of the children, so would you like them in hard copy or just scanned for you? Also Dewar could you please email me details for sponsorships, as i have atleast 3 people wanting to asist the children. Thank you so much for your time, please give gabriella my love., tell her i have some lovely photos of her too. Look forward to hearing from you, regards Helen

    • Hi Helen Harvey,
      Everything is ok with the children in the orphanage. Yes please, Just send me the photos to my email than i will show the photo to the children in the orphanage. I will send you a list of the children with the details but please send me an email so that i know your email address.
      Thank you,
      Kind regards,

  6. Hi to Dewa, Sister and all the children of The Bali Orphanage, especially Merline. Thank you for the lovely visit we had there on July 8th, the beautiful singing and magical tour of the orphanage. I just loved my guide Merline and the gorgeous picture she gave to me. I have up-loaded some photos onto my facebook if you would like to look at them. Hope to chat again soon. Helen : )

    • Hi Helen!
      So gald you enjoyed your visit with the children, Sisters and Dewa. The time you invested with them will continue to grow in the children as confidence and self esteem. They know they are loved. Please also share a few of your favorite photos on the childrens facebook page. (You can even put video there).
      Again, I’m happy your visit went so well. Thank you for your generosity to the children.

  7. Hi Mr.Charlie
    It’s good foto between you and my friends

    • Hi Dany! I just found your comment here! So sorry for not writing sooner. I am hoping to visit again soon and would love to hang out with you when I get there. Take care Dany!

  8. Hi, will be visiting Bali on Wednesday, 28th April and will like to visit. Can i have the name of someone I can call when i arrive?
    Thank you

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