History of the Tuka Orphanage

The Orphanage in Tuka began in 1958 with 10 children. The founding Fransiscan Sisters were Sr. Martini Greymans, Sr. Consolata Kalimah, Sr. Corona Murtati, and Sr. Eveline Soekilah. The Sisters lived in a small, simple home with the children near the clinic they had started. On the 8th of December in 1959 the home had it’s first formal Blessing. By 1970 the number of children had grown to 70. At that time, not all of the children stayed at the Orphanage. About 30 of the children lived at the Orphanage and the rest stayed with their families. On March 15th of 1998 the Orphanage became known as “SIDHI ASTU” as they received their certificate from the Indonesian government. After so many years of operation, a large number of people have come to know about this well established Orphanage. Some visit only once but many have returned with each of their visits to Bali.

There are four Franciscan Sisters that run the Orphanage now with the help of  both paid as well as volunteer staff. The current Sisters are Sr. Clemcia, Sr. Hubertine Ni Wayan Rika, Sr. Angelina Sr. Mutwani and Sr. Corry Artuti.

CONTACT The Bali Orphanage directly at baliorphanagetuka@yahoo.co.id or you can call them at:
+62 361 7473827

This website was created for and donated to The Bali Orphanage by “Give Jewelry” – an online bracelet store that supports orphanages throughout Indonesia. www.givebracelets.com


6 responses to “History of the Tuka Orphanage

  1. I am visiting Bali on may 2 2013. I would like to visit the orphanage. Can some one please contact me about transport to get there please. Thankyou

  2. Dear Frends

    All the children, sisters and staff of Sidhi Astu Orphanage want to Greeting You


    We want to thank you for everything you have done for our care children.
    God Bless all You

    Greet and Thanks

    Sr. clemensia

  3. Dear Frends
    All the Children and the staff of Sidhi Astu Orphanage want to Greet You:
    We want to thank you for everything you havedone for our care children

    Greet and Thank
    Sr. Clemensia

  4. Theresa Mitchell

    Dear Sisters
    I am searching for opportunities for volunteer a position in Indoniesia, preferably Bali. I have volunteered with Franciscan ministies in Philadelpia PA USA. I have a BA in Psychology and I am certified to teach English as a Foriegn Language . I currently work for an elementary school north of Boston MA USA. I coordinate enrichment programs and summer camps. I would like to know more about your needs for volunteers. Thank you, Theresa Mitchell. 2 Kadra St. Brentwood NH 03833 USA

    Thank you
    Theresa Mitchell
    2 Kadra St Brentwood Nh 03833

  5. Have been to the orphanage several times with gifts and lots of love to them all. A lovely afternoon to spend with the children and especially the sisters. Looking forward to seeing them again next month. Sr.Esther is just a beautiful person. God bless her and the others with lifes richest blessings

  6. We are currently collecting photos of the different phases of the Tuka Orphanage. If you have any older ones, please email them to me at charlie@give-jewelry.com

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