Map to the Orphanage

Use the zoom in and out bar on the left of the map ( the “+” or “-” ) to see where the Orphanage is in relation to the rest of the island of Bali.  Point “B” on the map is the entrance to the Orphanage. (entrance is on the right hand side of the street -see photo of entrance below) Point “A” is the main turnabout with the huge statue in Kuta. Click on the “View larger Map” link to customize your map and then click on the “Map” view as apposed to the “Satellite” view that is shown here. Once you have customized your directions from where you will be staying, simply print out 2 copies for you and your driver. It is good to have a close up satellite view printed out for the last bit once you get to the “unknown road” part of the map. This will help especially on your first trip. Just follow the landmarks such as buildings, rice fields etc.
If you are lucky enough to visit Bali – we highly recommended a visit to the Orphanage in Tuka. It is not the easiest place to find, so we put together this page to help you on your way. It is best to plan at least half a day if you would like to visit the children and the staff. If you go on a Saturday or Sunday, there are better chances to meet more of the children as they are in school during the week. If a weekend is not an option, then after 1pm during the week is also a good time to meet nearly everyone. If you would like to just meet the youngest of the crew – then any weekday during normal school hours is when about 10 to 15 of kids from around 3 yrs old up to 8 will be there.

The address of the Tuka orphanage is ;

The phone number is (62 361) 747 3827 If you have a driver, have him call before you leave and again when you get close.

The Main Entrance to the Tuka Orphanage in Bali. It is on the Right side of the road after you make your last turn.

The Main Entrance to the Tuka Orphanage in Bali. It is on the Right side of the road after you make your last turn at the school.

The school that you will see as you take the last right hand turn. You are very close to the orphanage once you see this.

CONTACT The Bali Orphanage directly at or you can call them at:
+62 361 7473827

This website was created for and donated to The Bali Orphanage by “Give Jewelry” – an online bracelet store that supports orphanages throughout Indonesia.



31 responses to “Map to the Orphanage

  1. of course like your web site however you need to take a look at the
    spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with
    spelling issues and I find it very troublesome to inform the reality nevertheless I will definitely
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  2. Do you, or members of your organisation, know of an orphanage on Gili Trawangan? After a visit to tbe Island with 60members of my family for a wedding we decided to do something positive to assist tbe local community, especially tbe children. Your assistamce in providing the names and contact details of any Gili charitable organisations would be appreciated – omar bahari

  3. Hi,
    I am planning to come to the Orphanage August 27th so please let me know of anything I can do to help/projects you would like me to get involved with 🙂

  4. Hi there we will be in Bali from 6th to 8th July this year. We would love to visit the orphanage and bring some items- can you let us know what is needed and if this is ok?
    Terima kasih
    Shazzy and Alex 🙂

    • Shazzy and Alex. I was bummed to see that your comment here was not responded to. I hope that you made it to visit the children, but if not, please keep in touch here or on the facebook page and we’ll see if we can arrange a time for you to visit on your next trip to Bali.

  5. Hi,

    Im coming to Bali from the 24th till the 29th of August and would love to visit the orphanage. Im coming from Australia and have clothing that i would like to give to the children. If that is ok ?

    Thanks Rochelle

    • Hi Rochelle! I am glad that I got to you before your trip – but am sorry that no one got to you till now. I will be checking the comments daily and am in constant contact with the Sisters at the orphanage, so please leave a note here and we’ll see if we can arrange a time for you to visit. Thanks so much for your generosity and care for the kids here.

  6. Chris & Geoff Graham

    My husband and I are coming to Bali for one week in May. We would like to visit the children and bring them presents. Can you tell me how many children you have at the orphanage at the moment, and what ages they are. We want the presents to fit or be individual. Can you also tell me if we can be of any help, doing manual things, repairs (my husband is very good), painting, washing clothes etc. Can the orphanage suggest the best way to bring in the requirements needed for the orphanage through customs. Does the orphanage provide a letter to state that we are bringing supplies in? Any help or information will be greatfully received. Kind regards Chris

    • Hi Chris, I am forwarding your note to Dewa also. He will be able to get you all the current needs info and how many children are there at the moment. As for customs, the easiest way is to bring in only what is allowed by your airline (they should have a list on their site) All other goods (usually food items, rice etc) are best purchased when you get to Bali. I have gone through Indonesian customs dozens of times with my luggage maxed out with donations and the customs agents in Bali have always been very accommodating. I always make sure to let them know who it is all for as I go through customs. They usually open one or 2 boxes and then it’s all good from there. They just want to make sure that you are not bringing in items to sell. We do not have a letter that is used to get things through customs, but that is a wonderful idea and I will look into it. Thanks so much for your generosity to the children, Charlie (in California right now)

    • Hi Chris,
      Nice to hear that you would like to come to visit the children at orphanage and bring them presents . I will let you the details of the children soon. Thank you for your attentions to the children at orphanage.

      Kind regards,

    • Hi Chris and Geoff. My children and I visited the Orphanage in September and had a huge cricket bag full of things for them. What I did was write to the indonesian consultate in Sydney to advise them what I was doing and gave them a list of all items which were in the bag and they wrote me a beautiful letter supporting me in what I was doing. Now due to my bag for the orphange was extremely large, this letter did come in handy for me as I was pulled over in customers and was taken to the “office” but once the boss read the letter everything was fantastic.

  7. Dear Charile
    I am coming over on the 15th of April to the 28th of April 2011. I am a qualified primary teacher specialising in Drama, Art, and ESL, English as a Second Language. I would love to be able to conduct an art lesson with all the children (all ages). I have a great activity which turns wooden clothes pegs into rocking chairs, airoplanes, wishing well etc. I would supply all the equipment necessary, all they would need to do is turn up and participate! I would also bring some donated goods for the orphanage itself. If this is a suitable idea please I notify me. I could also create some “homework” sheets for the kids if you could supply me with ages and the type of subjects that would benefit them. I will be staying in Kuta, so the question is how would I get there, Taxi, bus …?
    Yours Faithfully

  8. Hi there,
    My husband and I and our 1 year old daughter are considering bringing a team to Bali for a mission trip next year sometime, for about a month. Just wondering if we could be of any assistance to you? My husband and his friends have a lot of building / painting / maintenance experience. You mentioned guest rooms avaialable for volunteers, what are these like, how big etc and would they be avaliable? We want to come and be a blessing to you. We have done mission trips before.
    Thank you
    Natalie, New Zealand.

    • Dear Natalie,
      Hello, Nice to hear that you would come to Bali with a team and would like to come to the orphanage. We are really appreciate you if you come to the orphanage even just to visit the children. could you please tell me when will be the exact time you come to Bali?.
      Yes, we have a volunteer room and the room is not look like hotel`s room. We please you to stay at our volunteer rooms.

      Thank you,
      Kind regards,

  9. karen claridge

    hi there

    We are coming to Bali next tuesday 3rd August – we usually try and visit an orphanage or school while we are there to donate food bought from local markets and we are bringing over some childrens clothes. would love to come and visit this orphange -please let me know best time to come with our children etc. staying in sanur. you can text me on my mobile phone while we are there 0424 589954 (australian code in front). will take Dewa’s mob number too


    Karen Claridge

    • Hi Karen Claridge,
      Nice to hear that you would like to come to the orphanage to visit the children. I`m so sorry for the late answer. I did not work for two week because i got accident. I please you to come to visit the children on 5th of august after 12 in the afternoon. The children will be very happy to meet you in the orphanage. Whatever you can bring for the children will be really appreciated. Right now , 45 of children are staying in the orphanage. Just call me when you are in Bali and we can meet at your hotel if you want.

      Best regards,

  10. Rev Kerry O'Connor

    Hi, Would it be ok to visit the children on Aug 20th 2010. Myself and 8 other women would love to visit and share gifts with the children.
    I do face painting, do you think they would like that as a extra treat? I would love to come and make them happy. 🙂

    Thanks ,


    • Hello Kerry,
      Glad to hear that you would like to come to visit the children in the orphanage. I please you to come to visit on Aug 20th. The children will be very happy to meet you in the orphanage. See you..

      Kind regards,

  11. Nicole Tuckey

    good mornig,

    My family and I are comig up in early July we were thinkingof bringing up some clothes for the children do require any any clothing we would love to come and visit. We are stayingi n Sanur is the trip very far.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    • Dear Nicole Tuckey,
      Hello, glad to hear that you would like to come to visit the children at orphanage. I please you to bring some clothes for the children and i will be appreciate whatever you bring for the children.
      it`s about 45 minutes driving from Sanur to Orphanage. Just contact me when you are in Bali and i would love to help you.
      Best Regards,

  12. Hi Charlie,

    My husband-to-be and I are coming to Bali in September for our honeymoon and would like to visit the orphanage one afternoon. From what I’ve read thus far, it seems after 3pm is the most suitable time?

    We will be travelling from Seminyak and I was wondering, roughly how long is the trip and is it possible to do it by taxi? Do you know how much this may cost so we might budget this into our trip, and is it easy enough to get a taxi for the return trip?

    I look forward to hearing from you and our anticipated visit.

    – Karlie

    • Karlie,
      Congratulations first of all! You are in for a great trip – no place like Bali for a honeymoon!
      I have already forwarded your message to Dewa. He is the best person to get you in the right direction. He should get back to you within the week. Blessings on you wedding planning! -charlie

  13. Hi Charlie

    My husband and I are heading to Bali from the UK in April and would like to come and visit the kids at the orphanage. We would be coming mid-week. Is it okay just to pop in or should be make an appointment? We are staying in Kuta for a few days before heading to the Gili Islands. I am wanting to do a collection at work for stationery and toiletries etc that we can bring with us. Any toiletries in particular that the kids need or medicines etc I can ask my collegues for? Really looking forward to our trip to Bali and also to visit the orphanage.
    Take care

    • You can definitely drop by anytime, but you have a better chance of meeting more of the children if you go in the afternoons after 3 during the week or on the weekends. Let me know closer to your departure if you would like to set up a time to go and we’ll make sure you are received well. They can use all types of toiletries – the mini sized ones are great as they can each have their own. The fact that it is coming from another country will be a great thing in itself. Stationary is always good. They use things very sparingly so you can be sure that anything you bring will be greatly appreciated. April is coming soon – I’m excited for you! Thanks for writing, -charlie

  14. hi how are you?
    we tried to head up to the orphanage today but couldnt find it from jalan raya padang luwih, we got to the bend and we were lost from there, what are the other names of the streets from there onwards? we tried to follow the maps bends and try to figure out which ones they were but we couldnt figure it out 😦 and only speaking a very small amount of bahasa indo it was hard to communicate with the locals, we will be heading back up the morning of the 27th so hopefully we will be able to find it then.
    lauren and matt

    • So sorry to hear of the trouble you had! It is a frustrating trip the first time you go. The streets don’t have any names posted on the last few turns. Most people have found it best to print out the satellite photo so that you can use the landmarks. (rice fields, buildings etc.) You might have just inspired me to have some custom signs made…. I will send our managers mobile # to your email address and maybe he can meet you out at the main rd. Thanks for writing! -charlie

  15. My two sons (18 & 19) and I (43) would like to come and assist in some way at the Maria Goretti orphanage at Negara, Jembrana. My sons are keen to interact whit the teenagers there – they can teach them photographic and music skills and I am sure can learn a lot more from the teenagers there too. They are willing to do any work or teach any skills they have – we want to do this as part of our commitment to our Christmas values. There are no contact details for the Maria Goretti orphanage so I am trying you as a “long shot”?
    Kind regards

    • I am looking into the current Maria Goretti Orphanage contact info for you. It should only be a day or two. Thanks for writing! Charlie

    • In true “Bali Style” we are closing in on the contact info you need for the Maria Goretti Orphanage. I am in the U.S. right now so I asked our manager “Dewa” to get the info for you. Here is part of the email he sent this morning;
      “For the Maria gorrati orphanage,I already called the sisters but the sister was not in orphanage. They were going to Maria Gorreti orphanage in Negara. I will come to the orphanage tommorow morning…”
      Kind of ironic eh?
      I just posted the Sisters email address on our contact page. If you direct your email to Sr. Corry, she can set up the dates for you to visit the Maria Goretti Orphanage. Feel free to write to me if you run into any problems. Thanks again and maybe I’ll even see you in Bali! ……Charlie

  16. I am still working on a the map to make it easier to use, print etc…
    If you have any trouble with it please let me know. Thanks!

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