Maria Goretti Orphanage

Maria Goretti Orphanage

Hanging out with some guests. Maria Goretti Orphanage – 2010

The Maria Goretti Orphange is located in West Bali in Negara. It is also run by Franciscan Nuns. Many times the Sisters from the Sihi Astu orphanage in Tuka, Bali visit them and share duties as well.

CONTACT The Bali Orphanage directly at or you can call them at:
+62 361 7473827 (they will be able to put you in contact with the staff at Maria Goretti)

This website was created for and donated to The Bali Orphanage by “Give Jewelry” – an online bracelet store that supports orphanages throughout Indonesia.



24 responses to “Maria Goretti Orphanage

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  2. I would like to visit the orphanage in July when I’m in Bali. I was wondering am I allowed to take a video camera to the orphanage ?

  3. Hi

    We are coming to Bali (staying Sanur) early November & will be there for 2 weeks. I have 4 children who are extremely excited about coming to the orphange & would like to know if any of their clothes which they have now grown out of would be suitable? Their ages are 9, 7, 5 & our daughter is 3 years of age. I also have a box of infant through to toddler shoes as well. I am also planning to bring food & stationary items, toiletries as well once we’re in Bali. If there is anything else you are in need of please let me know :))

    Looking forward to meeting you all.
    From the Black Family.

  4. HI Dewa,

    Can U give full address , phone no of Maria Goretti Orphanage along with the Contact Person as I want to send parcel to them .


  5. Hi Charlie,

    Thanks for the reply. We aim to come up and stay at the Taman villas near the orphanage. Are these ok?
    We want to fly in on the 25th Nov and head to the villas. Then the plan would be (If its ok of course) to spend Sat with the kids, either helping with teaching or playing games or other duties that the orphanage requires.
    Then Head back to the villas on Sat arvo. Sunday we would also love to spend with the kids carrying on from Sat activites. We would then fly out back to Perth on Monday.
    I am asking everyone who is coming to bring a box of things for the orphanage but would like a list of things that is needed and things they would prefer. Then we can all bring it up on our visit.
    There will about 10 – 20 of us and at least 5 can speak Indonesian and have lived there for a few years so have a great understanding of the language and culture. This is something we are all really passionate about and with yor blessing and approval I would like to send out an invite to all ASAP so they have ample time to prepare.
    Look forward to your response


  6. Hi Dewa,

    I have a group of people that are interested in volounteering for 2 days 25th and 26th Nov. Could you please send me an email so i can discuss this with you further?


    Brad Fraser

    • Hi Brad!
      Dewa is not answering the comments here anymore, but I would be happy to help. Is there something specific that your group would like to do? I have a meeting with the Sisters next week and can discuss it with them. Thanks for writing!

      • Hi Charlie,
        Can you provide me with a phone number to contact you regarding how we can contribute towards the home?

        Thank you.


  7. hallo! my friend and I are very interested in coming over to Bali and volunteering in your orphanage around july this year, hopefully for about a month- if possible? we are both happy to teach some english and and help out where ever is necessary.
    let us know!
    thankyou kind regards kelsey

    • Dear Kesley,
      Thanks for your wrote and nice to hear from you. I please you to volunteer at Maria Goretti Orphanage for a month. If would be great if you can teaching the children English and also you can teaching the student English in Junior high school near by orphanage.
      Kind regards,

  8. Hello!

    We want to visit Orphanage Maria Goretti in Palasari somewhere between 4 and 7 july. Is this possible?
    I was 6 years ago for 3 months at the panti.
    Is Sr. Scholastica still there? I tried to send her an email, but the panti is not responding. Now I’m trying it, this way.

    Thank you for anwering.
    Dunya from the Netherlands

    • Dear Dunya
      Hi, sound great! we please you to visit the children at Maria Goretti between 4 and 7 of July.
      Sr.Scolastica is not at Maria goretti. She has moved to other place.

      Kind regards,

      • Sad to here that she is moved. I know Sr. Agneta and Sr. Yosefani are also moved to another place.
        Hopefully there are a few childeren left that I know.
        We don’t know exactly how to get to the Panti, but I will save your phonenumber.

        Thanks for your fast answer!
        Lots of Love,

        ps, i send you a photo by email. Maybe you saw it in the Panti.

  9. Hi.
    I am visiting Bali from the 23rd of January.
    I am looking for directions to the Maria Goretti Orphanage and was also wondering if there are any opportunities to spend the day helping out?


    Feel free to email me

  10. Merry Christmas, I will be in Legian next week from 30 Jan for 8 Days with my husband and another couple. My friend and I would dearly like to visit the Maria Goretti orphanage and would like to know what would be suitable to bring in particular that would be beneficial. Any details you can provide regarding arranging a visit ie suitable day and times etc would be most appreciated. Kind regards E

    • Dear Eva,
      Hello, Nice to hear that you would like to come to visit the children at Maria Goretti. The children will be Very happy to meet you at orphanage. Whatever you can bring for the children will be really appreciated. There are 65 of children at Maria Goretti. The youngest is 5 years old and the oldest is 16 years old. All of the children go to school and honestly we are really need some money to support the children education.
      Thank you for your attention for the children at Maria Goretti Orphanage.

      Kind regards,

  11. Hi!

    After looking around on your website I was wondering if there is an option to volunteer at the orphanage? I am looking for a long term voluntering option starting september 2011, I would like to offer my help for 5/6 months!

    Love to hear from you,


  12. Dear Charlie,

    we have just spent today visiting the Maria Goretti orphanage with Dewa. It was a magnificent day, so humbling and inspiring. Dewa was just amazing, we cannot thank him enough.

    I will email you a full account of what we did. It is too long to put on this message board.

    Cheers, Wendy and Jack

  13. Thank you Dewa.
    We are in Bali for a month from June 12 to July 10 but only in Legian/Seminyak area from June 12-16, then from June 26-July 10.
    I will email you to organise a visit.

    Wendy and Jack

  14. Thank you Charlie, I look forward to hearing from Dewa and hope I can visit Panti Asuhan Maria Goretti on my upcoming visit to Bali.

    • Hi Wendy,
      Great! I`m Happy to hear that you would like to go to Maria Goretti Orphanage to visit the children. The Maria Goretti bitt difficult to find it. But don`t worry, i know for sure this orphanage and i will be very happy if i can take you to the Maria Goretti. I can drive a car and i can be your driver if you want. Just call me when you are in Bali than we can meet at your hotel and we can make a plan for your visit.
      Warm Regards,

      • Hi Dewa

        My wife and I are in Bali (ubud area) we are also interested in visiting the Maria Goretti orphanage.

        Could you please send me your email address to so we can discuss plans to hopefully visit.

        Kind regards Mark

  15. I am interested in visiting the Maria Goretti orphanage in West Bali, is there a map of how to get there? Or can you give me details of directions from Legian?

    • Wendy- I am happy to hear that you would like to go. The effect of many visitors at the Tuka orphanage has been wonderful. You are the first inquiry here so this is exciting for me. I have already forwarded your message to Dewa. He will be able to get you accurate directions or might even be able to go with you.
      Thank you for writing Wendy-

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