Thank You from the Kids

Terima kasih dari kita semua!” or “Thank you from all of us!” (view paintings below)

The children were very excited when they heard that people from all over the world are finding out about them through the internet. Some of them painted pictures as a “Thank You” to these people. They did their best to write some of the limited English they know. Many Children are now asking for letters or photos from these new friends, others are asking if the people will come visit them. Enjoy the paintings and know that they are for you. (one of my favorites is the “Batman” painted by 5yr old “Lucky”)  – (ps – if you would like to mail letters to the kids, head over to the “contact” page and you’ll find their address there. Thanks!…..Charlie, founder of Give Jewelry

(if you would like to print out any of the pictures, click on any one to view it in a separate window)

CONTACT The Bali Orphanage directly at or you can call them at:
+62 361 7473827

This website was created for and donated to The Bali Orphanage by “Give Jewelry” – an online bracelet store that supports orphanages throughout Indonesia.



10 responses to “Thank You from the Kids

  1. these children are a real inspiration. seeing the smiles on your faces even as you are living with miminum amounts gives me hope. thank you to all the staff that go out of their way to give these children a chance at life.

  2. Dear Kids !
    Hi from Australia ! I loved your paintings !We are the wytegarillaz !
    We want to come over and visit you all soon.
    I would love to bring you something from here .
    Please write to me and let me know if there is something special you need or would like us to bring for you.
    We are a fun couple and hope to be able to help.
    Is there anything you would like us to help you learn ?
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Kris & Neville

  3. Dear Ken Chamberlain,
    Hello Ken, i wanna says Thanks to :
    Barbara Chamberlain for the digital Camera
    Ken and Anne Goss for the lap to computer
    Vinceny Lulu for the cash Rp 1,000,000.

    We are really apreciate all of you and thanks for your kindness. The money will be used for the children need. I really want to meet you and i hope i can meet you next future. Thanks again~ Dewa

  4. Kaden Mackill

    Cool – Sponge Bob! I love your painting of him! I wish I could paint like that! What’s your name? My name is Kaden. I’m 10. How old are you? What’s your favorite sport, mine is baseball. Write back, please!

    • Do you go to GCS?? My names Sam

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed that. Don’t be so down on yourself though lad, you can most definitely paint like this if you invest your time correctly. Thanks man! My name is Abby and I am 15 years old now. Sorry it took me so long to answer.

  5. Jo and Ashley Trachy

    Hello Everyone,

    Beautiful pictures! It was so nice to visit the orphanage for the first time – the children are truly wonderful! The volunteers were also very welcoming, thank you.

    We will be back next time to see you all!

    Jo & Ashley (Perth, Western Australia)

  6. Wow, beautiful children you are all such excellent artists. The paintings you have done are excellent and show off your wonderful talents. Keep up the good work!

  7. Kathryn J. Stiles Cook

    Hi kids,

    Your art is absolutely beautiful. If I had to pick my favorite, I would pick all of them. Each piece is uniquely wonderful. It shows your personalities and your ages.

    Good Work and God Bless You all


  8. What beautiful paintings, you all did a wonderful job!

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